Cooking always seemed to help him get his thoughts together. What happened wasn’t something he needed to be exactly ashamed of – embarrassed, yes, but it had been quite a natural reaction of an omega about to go to heat. Especially since… well, it was the first time he was allowed close to an alpha near or during his heat. Not to mention Roman couldn’t help his reaction either. Alphas had certain instinctive reactions to omegas, especially those in or almost in heat. Provided the omega’s scent was appealing to them.

That thought made him preen a little on the inside. His scent must’ve been appealing for Roman to have such a reaction. Raen didn’t think too hard on what that meant, choosing to blissfully ignore it, but the thought itself made him smile, feel a little flattered even. By the time he called for Roman to come for breakfast, Raen was in a much better mood already. He nodded at Roman’s answer, thinking on it for a while, “So we need to be ready around… seven? In that case I’ll have to start getting ready at around six o’clock. That’ll leave us plenty of time to shop! I mean, it won’t take more than a few hours at most – and we can get lunch while we’re out, right?”

Getting out to explore the city was exciting. Raen had all but forgotten about what happened earlier as he chattered about what he’d planned they do today. “I don’t know if you know most of these places, they looked like really small boutiques. Most of them are close by though, so we don’t need to go too far.” He attacked his breakfast with a renewed enthusiasm, smiling at Roman as he said, “You’ll have to tell me if you don’t like something I suggest though, okay? I mean, we are decorating your apartment after all, it has to be something you’ll enjoy looking at as well.”

Written by SusyQ918
Just sassing it up one day at a time.