As Peter’s mouth engulfed Quill’s cock, throat slowly opening up to further accommodate Quill’s endowment, the younger hero began to shake. A little quiver at first, a wave of jolts and tremors that was perhaps his body’s way of assuaging the gag reflex that Quill’s cock was suppressing so completely, or an unconscious attempt to convey the hums and murmurs of pleasure that Quill’s cock was suffocating. But it grew in intensity, grew in volume, grew in fiery potency until it was like Quill had stuck his cock in some hot wet vibrating machine.

It feltĀ good.

Was it sadistic? Quill’s bucking forward had been pretty violent, after all. Balls had slapped harshly against Peter’s wet and drool-coated chin. He could only imagine what it was like having Quill’s cock slam against the back of his throat at the same time, asking Peter’s face to accommodate a length and girth that was, on the surface, too big for his whole face to take in. For all Quill knew, Peter could have been choking. Like, seriously choking. Gagging and spluttering and gurgling, wave after wave of spittle and precum trying valiantly to surge past Quill’s cock and just get some room to cascade onto the floor. Throat sore from an unprecedented barrage of thrusts and stabs, and just continuous friction from how Quill just languidly draped his cock across every inch of velvety flesh or silky mouth that he could find.

But he looked down, and what had happened became quickly apparent. The damp bulges in his pants, seeping through the fabric and dripping down onto the floor to join the puddle of pre and saliva, could mean only one thing. Quill pulled out, resting his cock on Parker’s cheek, a steady trickle of pre coursing down his features. Quill was amazed. “You…you came just from sucking my cock?” There was a pause, a moment where Peter would have been forgiven for not knowing whether Quill was delighted or disappointed.

“Holy fuck, man, that’s hot as hell.” Quill grinned. “Fuck, man. You really enjoyed getting your face fucked, didn’t you?” He laughed with jubilation. “Take your pants off, man. And then…well, get back to it.”

Written by SusyQ918
Just sassing it up one day at a time.