That was it. As soon as Peter felt the pressure of Quill’s hand on the back of his head coupled with the abrupt shove of his cock past his throat’s defenses, Peter lost it. He gripped Quill’s pants tighter to hold himself up even as he shook…and shook, as this time, he came hard in his pants. The keen that came out of him as his sensitivity rose even higher to the point that feeling his own cum in his pants rubbing over his cock was almost uncomfortable. The only thing distracting him was Quill’s firm hand on his head and cock in his throat.

Peter swallowed wetly around the flesh and forced a shuddering breath through his nose before he let go of his fierce grip on Quill’s thighs. If he hadn’t been out of his mind, he’d have worried about bruising the man, but for now Peter looked up through tearstained eyes in supplication. With a throat that still managed to tremble by instinct occasionally, he shifted and tried to suck. Normally he would be ashamed at having cum with so little stimulation, but this had been…the most…satisfying orgasm he’d ever had and now that the tension was released, Peter was determined to enjoy everything he could get out of Quill.

Written by SusyQ918
Just sassing it up one day at a time.