While Raen locked himself in the bathroom, Roman took deep breaths that were meant to both calm down his rapidly beating heart and keep the sweet scent of aroused omega close. He was struggling to let it go and resist knocking the door off its hinges just to pull Raen’s sweetness onto his cock and make more of those little whimpers flow from his lips. Fuck…the way he gave me his neck. Roman heard his heartbeat increase, could almost taste the slick as it had gathered.

He’d never felt like this before. It wasn’t his first rodeo. He’d been around omegas during their heat and had never lost it like he had just a few moments ago. Roman groaned and slid a hand down to adjust himself beneath his towel. Raen had been so ready, Roman knew he could have just turned him around and rubbed his cockhead over his slick-drenched hole and Fuck fuck fuck, he knew that Raen would have let him

But that would have been the worst thing to do to anyone, much less his own brother. Consent was a sensitive topic in the Alpha/omega world and while most courts of law would side with an Alpha’s right to assume consent when an omega was slick and presenting, Roman knew better. Raen would have to beg (and hell if that thought didn’t make his cock pulse again) before Roman could be sure that he had his consent and none of that counted during his heat, which Roman understood to be a bit off yet.

The thought of Raen’s heat and the path his thoughts were roaming sobered Roman up enough that he pushed away from the wall and walked to the bedroom to grab a pair of pants and a shirt. “He’s my brother,” Roman murmured to his beast and ignored when the beast called back. “Ours.”

After he’d dressed, he’d returned to the hallway just in time for Raen to come out and apologize. “Don’t…that was on me. Your smell doesn’t excuse my shitty impulse control.” Roman wanted to pull Raen close and assure him that he had nothing to be sorry for, but he was compromised. His body felt like one thing was appropriate but his mind knew it wasn’t. Trying to hug Raen after that fiasco was not a good idea. Instead, he closed his eyes and let his face relax as naturally as he could before he offered a small smile and said, “Yeah. Breakfast sounds great.”

Written by SusyQ918
Just sassing it up one day at a time.