Peter barely managed to wait until Quill was done giving him permission. The moment the admission was made, Peter dropped his head down and slid the weeping head into his mouth. The feeling of Quill’s aroused flesh brushing against his tongue and filling his warm mouth felt like fate. Like every moment of Peter’s life was wasted before having Quills cock in his mouth. Frankly, Peter was too busy moaning around just the head and the delicate texture and taste on his tongue to care how ridiculous that was.

He felt a rush of power when Quill’s stomach quivered and more noises poured out of the man’s mouth. Peter realized then that he wanted more. He’d never done this but he wasn’t naïve and even if he had been, he really just had to follow everything that felt good and god did Peter bet that everything with the Star Lord would feel good. So he gripped the man’s pants and tugged him closer, tilting his head and parting his lips to pull the hot flesh deeper into his mouth.

The result was that he was still human and as the head nudged the back of his throat, Peter gagged slightly. Tears welled up even though he pulled back and sucked in a breath. He was blushing harder than before, a sweet mixture of embarrassment from making such a weird noise and aggravation that he still wanted to take it all. Peter released his own tight grip on his cock to wipe away some of the spit left on his lower lip and trembled as his cock pulsed. A harsh breath later, he had to check to make sure he hadn’t just cum but other than the same pool of precum, he was still hard and his pants weren’t filled with ejaculate.

Still trembling slightly, Peter chanced a look back up at Quill before murmuring a soft, “Sorry,” and sinking his lips over the cock again. Though he knew he shouldn’t, Peter took it back again until he felt his throat threaten to close. Holding it just shy of too far and trying to conquer the need to swallow brought a desperate moan from the same throat he was sweetly torturing.

Written by SusyQ918
Just sassing it up one day at a time.