Raen barely had time to curse in his thoughts before he walked straight into Roman’s chest, not having noticed the other man was in the bathroom. He staggered backwards a step, blinking in confusion when Roman’s hand came up to steady him – though it didn’t take much longer than a few seconds for the hold on him to tighten in a way that told him Roman had definitely noticed his scent. Raen was about to apologize just as Roman stepped forward, forcing Raen’s smaller frame to back up with each step until he was pinned to the wall and Roman’s hot breath hovered over the sensitive skin of his neck while his nose was pressed tightly to the small area just behind his ear where his scent was the strongest.

Another rush of desire washed over him, the scent of Roman’s own arousal hanging heavily in the air. Raen couldn’t keep the desperate little whimper that escaped his lips quiet. His head tilted to the side instinctively, giving Roman more access to his neck, his skin prickling with a need to be touched and his heart rate sped up when his brain seemed to finally catch up to what was happening. Raen assumed this was what it should be like only a few days before his heat, when his scent was changing to appeal to alphas even more and he was becoming more… receptive to them. But he still had well over a week before he was supposed to go into heat.

The warmth of Roman’s body against his disappeared then and Raen realized he had at some point closed his eyes, his hands lightly resting against the damp skin of Roman’s shoulders to steady himself. Quickly he drew his hands away and cleared his throat, the back of his head thudding against the wall as Raen tried to get himself back under control. This was… wrong. He exhaled deeply, his face red all the way from his neck to the tips of his ears.

“I… yeah”, he murmured, glancing at Roman, “Sorry.” He hurried into the bathroom and locked the door, embarrassment making itself known now that he was alone with his thoughts. Stepping into the shower, Raen stood under the cold stream of water for as long as it took for his body to entirely calm down, before he washed and dried himself off. Stepping carefully out of the bathroom once he was dressed, Raen shifted on his feet and lowered his gaze as he said, “Uh, sorry about that.” He didn’t exactly want to explain to his brother he had next to no self-control when his heat was nearing, especially since he hadn’t had that many heats yet. So instead he asked, “Do you want breakfast?”

Written by SusyQ918
Just sassing it up one day at a time.