The morning brought with it a rather… awkward problem. Raen woke up, surrounded by the scent of an Alpha and very nearly whining in arousal. He blinked his eyes open, the sleepy haze still on his mind and the nagging need to touch himself preventing him from thinking straight. While his hips twitched in an attempt to find some friction to relieve the aching between his legs, Raen suddenly realized he was like this because of Roman’s scent. Not just any alpha’s, but his brother’s. Suffice to say he was entirely awake suddenly, jerking up to sit on the bed. The scent of his arousal was now infused with embarrassment – and perhaps a tiny bit of confusion.

Granted, they hadn’t seen each other in a long, long time but even so his body shouldn’t be reacting to the scent of his brother. But, Raen thought with a deep exhale, his heat was coming up soon. He was oversensitive and his body would react to almost anything. Another inhale, then an exhale, and Raen shook his head. That must be it. He lifted the covers off himself and ignored the hint of red on his cheeks as he stood. He just needed a cold shower, at least for now.

Gathering his clothes for the day and then glancing at the clock, Raen bit his lip softly. Hopefully Roman would still be asleep – Raen didn’t need him smelling the obvious sweet scent of an omega’s arousal on him. That would just be awkward. It wasn’t exactly late yet, but late enough for Roman to possibly be up already. Peeking out of the bedroom door, Raen hesitantly stepped out of the room and called, “Roman?” Raen reminded himself to cook his brother the most amazing breakfast as an apology for invading his home and taking over his room while Roman had to sleep on the couch. He’d definitely help Roman get started on making that extra room into a second bedroom as soon as possible.

Written by SusyQ918
Just sassing it up one day at a time.