Roman slowly took his turn brushing his teeth and then pulled one of the blankets they had unpacked and a spare pillow out of the hall closet. Then he walked around checking the locks on the windows and doors, nervously checked the sinks to make sure they weren’t leaking and then finally walked to the couch. When his back finally hit the cushions, he sighed and punched his pillow a few times to fluff it. Part of him wished he’d just accepted the offer to share the bed with Raen, but he knew that was the same deviant part that couldn’t see the handsome kid as his brother. Kid. Raen was eighteen now. He’d be pissed if he knew even Roman’s internal thoughts labeled him like that.

Still, even Roman’s beast thought he was young. The only difference was that the beast knew he was legal. “Goodnight.” He returned softly, content in the fact that even if the couch was not meant to be slept on overnight, Raen was sleeping right where he wanted him.

Sleep was…tenuous. Every time Roman fell asleep, he’d dream of Raen’s smell and the feel of soft skin rubbing against his cock. His hands threaded through dark locks to bare his neck so Roman could- Fuck. Roman woke up with his hand on his cock and groaned. He took a moment to calm his breath and tilted his head to the side and stared at the door to his bedroom. He hoped Raen hadn’t heard and then wondered if he could just tug one out right there, but decided against it. He’d be damned if he couldn’t wait at least 24 hours before jacking off with his kid brother in the apartment. Slowly, he pulled his hand out of his shorts and closed his eyes. Before long, he was gratefully out again.

Written by SusyQ918
Just sassing it up one day at a time.