Raen shook his head with a small laugh, liking the happy grin on his brother’s lips. Before he realized it, Roman’s arms were enveloping him in a tight hug and he gave a small squeal that turned into laughter once again, his own arms eventually coming up to hug Roman around his middle. “What’s that for?”, he asked when Roman pulled back, though obviously pleased with the gesture of affection. In fact, his omega side was purring with contentment, especially when Roman’s hand came up to pet his hair gently.

“Hmm, I won’t say no to being spoiled a little”, he smiled, flicking a strand of stray hair out of his face. He rolled his eyes, hard, at Roman’s next words though and hit him on the chest – though without any meaning behind it. “First of all”, he said, pointing a finger at Roman, “I’m not little.” He was about to add he wasn’t Roman’s either, but it actually sounded… nice. In an odd way. Not to mention it was kind of correct, considering their father had pretty much trusted him into Roman’s care now.

“I don’t mind the rest of that though”, he decided to say with a decisive nod and gave Roman another quick kiss on the cheek. Going to the bathroom then to wash his teeth and face, Raen groaned softly when he eventually found himself stretched comfortably on Roman’s bed. Without much thinking on it, he buried his face into the pillow, where Roman’s scent was the strongest. “Good night!”, he called out to his brother, before burying himself in the blankets and pillows, comforted by Roman’s scent surrounding him.

Written by SusyQ918
Just sassing it up one day at a time.