Peter sucked in a breath and felt his heart jolt at his first command. He removed his hand while Quill quickly unbuckled his belt but as soon as the belt hit the ground, he was tugging at the button and zipper of the man’s pants. Once the pants were undone, Peter paused a moment to take in the fact that he was about to put his hand inside another man’s pants. His own cock was pressing insistently against his tight slacks and he was sure a wet patch might already be forming. Despite that, he wasn’t at all nervous and that was because of Quill.

Peter couldn’t help the look of intense concentration on his face as he slid his right hand inside to pull Quill’s cock out of his pants. It wasn’t that easy considering how hard it was and the fact that Peter hadn’t actually removed the man’s pants, but simply worked around it. He’d thought about pushing Quill’s pants down, but somehow the urge to follow his instructions precisely won out. The proximity to his mouth was uncanny and Peter felt his mouth water. He wasn’t sure since he’d never done anything before, but he suspected he might quickly develop an oral fixation. For now, he’d settle for knowing what that single bead of precum accumulating on the tip of Quill’s cock tasted like. Peter took a shuttering breath as he reached his left hand down to press his own cock down. Then he bit his lip and got to work, remembering that despite the soft texture of velvet surrounding it, Peter liked a tight grip and a firm stroke. So that’s what he did to Quill’s.

On his first full stroke, the bead of precum started to slide down and Peter made a soft noise as he resisted catching it with his tongue.

Written by SusyQ918
Just sassing it up one day at a time.