“I absolutely would not.” Roman grinned as he put the last spatula on its hook. He was particularly happy that Raen had, in a way, acknowledged his care of him. The feeling was similar to the way he felt when Raen let him feed him and Roman was across the room with his arms wrapped around his brother before he even realized what he was doing. The tight hug was meant to be a reward, but trying to explain why he was doing it was too complicated. Was he rewarding Raen for letting him take care of him?

Roman pulled back and gave Raen’s hair a soft pet, careful not to ruffle it the wrong way. It seemed they could both be trained in some ways. “I’ll accept that. But if you like something and you’re short, you’ve got to tell me. I feel like spoiling you and it’s my right when it’s just you and me, right? Roman was still grinning as he said it and he couldn’t help but wink just to tease Raen before he continued.

“I mean…I am the nearest relating Alpha right now. If we’re being all sexist but politically correct, doesn’t that make you, at least temporarily, my little omega?” Frankly, Roman kept his smile, but braced himself to be hit. It’s the first time he’d tried ribbing Raen, but it felt like something a brother would do, even if his beast was being a lecher.

Written by SusyQ918
Just sassing it up one day at a time.