The younger Peter was clearly amused. Not in a mocking way. He wasn’t laughing at Quill’s corny one-liners. Well, he might have been. The older Peter wouldn’t have blamed him. But there was more behind that chuckle, that giggly half-laugh, than just mere amusement. It was more that his nerves were being defused, the tension being melted, by being reminding that no matter what, Quill would always be a good-natured, slightly goofy, well-meaning guy at heart. And that sort of contagious easy-going nature, that sociable disposition that was lethal to any anxiety or reticence, wouldd stay intact, even if he was balls-deep inside a virgin.

But Quill wasn’t given much time to think about the ice breaking. Nah. Parker was a virgin, sure, but he had some instincts. He knew, whether consciously or not, how to be sexy. That hand on his thigh – so tantalisingly close, yet so torturously far – was a great way to get Quill’s lust really going. He had to blink, exhale, try and clear his thoughts. He knew full too well that if he allowed himself to get all flustered now, by such a simple sensation, he would have no hope. After clearing his head, he looked down.

And fuck if that wasn’t one of the sexiest sights Quill had ever witnessed. Those eyes, so sweet, so eager to please. That face, so cute and adorable, slightly obscured by the shadow from Quill’s tent. And then the way his eyes drifted down, taking in Quill’s length. It was such an adoring, such an appreciative, gaze, and Peter Quill had to admit there was something awesome about that. Just…well, Parker wasn’t saying anything, but what that gaze communicated was that ‘wow, I’m really happy I’m losing my virginity to this cock’. Star Lord was a sucker for praise. Even if that praise was conveyed by a pensive, hesitant, yet awestruck stare.

That finger, too. Fucking hell. It just traced along his length with a feather-like, almost ethereal touch, sending electrifying shivers up his spine. Quill groaned at that point. He was getting excited. Gleeful, even. Spider-Man had an innate talent, an intrinsic sex appeal, and if this was how the first few seconds went, well, he could only imagine how much better this could get.

And then Parker asked the older man to give him instructions, and fuck, this was heavenly.

“Okay. Well, let’s start off slow. Take my cock out, and stroke it.” It was a simple request, but to help speed along the process, Quill was already impatiently unbuckling his belt and casting it aside.

Written by SusyQ918
Just sassing it up one day at a time.