Blackout curtains.

The thought snapped into place easily as if he had never been asleep to begin with. Sometimes he wondered whether he slept at all, but the gap in time suggested by his bedside clock said he must have. Sleep just wasn’t as satisfying as it was before he served. On some level he was always waiting for a shoe…or bomb…to drop.

He wasn’t sorry that he joined the army. Frankly, anything was worth getting out of his family home.… Read More

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The party was over the top. Tony Stark never did anything in half measures including throwing a party for his favorite (only) intern. The problem was, the only person who wasn’t having fun was Peter. It all started great. He wore a tuxedo that was worth more per day than his and May’s rent each month and he’d got to see May smile in a way that she hadn’t for months. Currently she was dancing with Bruce, probably trying to find out all the things that Peter hadn’t told her, which admittedly wasn’t that much.… Read More

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