What’s wrong?
Nothing. Everything.
Things that can’t be mopped;
Sanitized by Jesus in a fit of mercy
but can be carried like a cellphone
and ring just as much.

Where do we go?
Nowhere. Everywhere.
Science can identify germs;
Split the smallest piece of life,
But cannot say with any certainty
What happens when we die.

What do we know?
Nothing. Everything.
By looking into the lonely darkness
The hubble telescope found thousands
Of us.… Read More

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Until today I did not value
Dull moans; soft Jaundice skin;
A swaddled body with chattering teeth.

The soft eerie glow of hospital lights
Only made my insides curl in on themselves
And spiral out.

The persistent tap of fluids;
Psycho-rhythmic drip;
Taunted the grind of my teeth.

The privacy I always wanted
Was impossible,
Thirty years in the making.

Until today I didn’t realize what a blessing
It is to have a mother and how short our time is.…… Read More

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Momma cried this morning.
I imagined her thoughts were
Of Jesus and the next few months,
But she said that she was sorry
For leaving me with bad memories.

The thing about missing someone,
Is that the bad things will fade away;
There were times when I screamed so hard
All I could think of was how to hurt her—
Make her understand how helpless I felt.… Read More

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I see you                              blank stare; listless;
Hair matted;                      unshaven.
A caustic mix                      of sweaty tears
And dirt-kissed                  dead skin cells.

I want to                              fix you;
Regardless of the              deep wounds
that insist                            on infection. The
Raw pain persists             when you smile.

I want to                              make you laugh;
Break through                   Ice, bone and
Show you that                   pain is a trap
Of infinite                            Proportions.

But yet, you are not alone.…… Read More

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I often wonder                 why dreams of dark
dusk and steam               are less lovely when
laid bare- starkly            cast and compared to
soft soothing                    streams of nature
nurtured into a                perfect, picturesque pattern.


Making love is                a motion, movement,
action of one                    and one together taking
and giving til                   sparks are struck and
songs are spun                and who—who are we
to hold their                      hearts in helotry.…… Read More

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Heavy lids that lure the mind
Against the manners of an educated kind
Healing sleep that seems soft and sublime
If I succumb what dangerous rest will I find?

Wish I could at peace absorb
Knowledge which my heart adores
Whispered deep into my core
Subconscious beast left to explore.

Stretching free without a care
A cat without a bed to share
With that precious time to spare,
I’d wander free from here to there.Read More

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Avacado and pastel pink;
I’m in a surly state.
Your wedding to this tart, I think
Has caused me much debate.

I sit here as the vows are read. Your
Cheesy grin and black tie
Tux make me itch to declare war.
I just can’t pinpoint why.

My clothes demure to not outshine
Your wretched bride to be
Whose graceless charms cannot compare
To what you have in me.Read More

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