And then, when my last breath had come and gone
My friends and foes in grievance, some in song
Had both alike
Pensive at their own mortality come
To reflect on my loss of life.
To those who watched, it may have seemed
As if I slumbered, lost in a dream
Returned in death to nature’s womb
Or wandered into a holy light.

But among the clouds I sit in grace
I remember every splendid face
Each grain of sand
And strife of man
Cherished in every glorious stage.
Like swaying leaves on a tree of old
In spring they grow and then they fall
My memories are pieces of my whole
In each joy filled life I give my all.
Among this bliss, souls come and go
Their existence twinkling in and out
In perfect flow
Excited to share his every account
His experience of the world below.
I too, felt this pull to share
Each smile and tear
And laugh and fear
In detail with exquisite care
Sharing every piece that led me there.
It’s important now, that I explain
Our recollections each are not in vain
As we are born we must forget
To appreciate in every way
The loving cycle which our souls are kept
And the lives that shaped our stay.

How refreshing was the time I spent
Dancing as I pleased
I wonder how far they went
My petals in the breeze.
Among the snow I chose to stand
With many others hand in hand
Then at the end, we were proud still
To have lived life as daffodils.

But nothing was as dear to me
As the time spent like a dream
My Family, friends and loves alike
Molded me as nature to mountains might.
And so I plunge into the Stream
Where life is touched and then it seems
To start and never stop but cling
To our bodies and souls as they unite.

In that moment, I am at peace.
I have no worries that I’ll forget
this journey that begins with ease
This love for life with no regrets.

Written by SusyQ918
Just sassing it up one day at a time.