And then, when my last breath had come and gone
My friends and foes in grievance, some in song
Had both alike
Pensive at their own mortality come
To reflect on my loss of life.
To those who watched, it may have seemed
As if I slumbered, lost in a dream
Returned in death to nature’s womb
Or wandered into a holy light.

But among the clouds I sit in grace
I remember every splendid face
Each grain of sand
And strife of man
Cherished in every glorious stage.… Read More

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“Mrs. Powers, what would make you happy?”

Just like that, her hopes came crashing down. Lena thought it was too good to be true when she saw the ad in the Talon Tribune. Looking for a maker of miracles and master of your own universe for call center position. Great pay and benefits on hire. It was a strange recruitment line, but it wasn’t hard to read between the lines. Maker of Miracles was a superficial and sly way of saying that the business wasn’t going well so they were looking for fresh blood willing to accept minimum wage.… Read More

Reading time: 22 min

“You’re pining.” He murmured, gaze set to the starry sky but seeming to look through the celestial masterpiece. He’d been doing that a lot lately.

“I know.” She shifted her head in his lap to wipe a few damp strands of hair from her face. If he asked, she would deny it but even he knew better than to address the reason for her puffy eyes. “You too.”

“I’m not.” He grunted and shifted his glare down to the back of her head.… Read More

Reading time: 6 min

“This is a bad idea.” He muttered, unlocking the door and letting her inside. As she slid past him into the house, he glanced out at the night sky and could have sworn that the stars were dimmer than when he saw them last. He was still in a dark mood at that was only one of many reasons that letting her in wasn’t smart.

“It can’t be the worst.” She countered, stepping over the empty beer cans and pizza boxes.… Read More

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“What is this?” He muttered, blue eyes narrowed at the surprise that his ridiculous twin left on his bed.

“I would think that’s rather obvious.” Seong Mi yawned and looked down at her cherry pink nails as if she were bored, even if it was impossible to hide how absolutely proud she was of herself.

Obvious indeed. In his bed, fucking Shibari-tied with a baby blue ribbon was a man. Probably. Well, most certainly. She was fucking crazy, but not a criminal.… Read More

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It took months to get here, even though it was clear now that all the other options were never going to work from the start. Like a drowning man, he had to cling to all the buoys before admitting that there was nothing left to do but sink into the abyss.

And make no mistake about it. It was a deep chasm to fall into, but there was no better place to fall so far. Some people said love was like jumping off a cliff or drowning in the ocean.… Read More

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